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Education and Information: Empowering Solar Knowledge

At Solar Nosh, we believe that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to making informed decisions about solar and renewable energy. Our mission is to enhance your solar knowledge and empower your decision-making through educational materials posted here and on social media, including videos and insights. We also host some in-person and virtual events. We provide valuable and streamlined information about solar energy, so you can have a clearer understanding of the benefits, financial implications, products, tax incentives, timeline, and more. Helping you confidently navigate the complexities of solar energy to help determine what is best for you and your home is our top priority. Click here for more information.

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Full-Service Partner

Should you choose to explore the possibility of switching to green, renewable energy, Solar Nosh has you covered! Beyond our focus on education, we are pleased to serve as your full-service partner ensuring everything from Solar Estimates, to Financing, Site Survey/Inspection, Solar Installation, and a 30-year Warranty on residential projects. 

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Energy Reports and Solar Consultations

Are you curious about the potential of solar energy for your home? Do you wonder if it’s affordable or whether you can save money on your electric bill? And how about those tax incentives you keep hearing about? Does this apply to you and your home or business?

The Energy Report and Solar Consultation is your gateway to uncovering the possibilities and benefits of solar power, financial and otherwise, assuming your home or business qualifies.  If so, we make sure we fully understand your energy consumption (and needs moving forward) and assess your home’s or business' potential for solar power generation. 

Solar Nosh provides personalized recommendations tailored to your specific energy needs and based on geographical and logistical considerations, such as roof pitch, roof orientation, and roof spacing. We consider your energy goals, budget, and preferences to create a customized plan that maximizes your energy savings and aligns with your unique needs. Our report includes an estimate of your potential energy savings, available financial and tax incentives, so you can better understand the return on investment. 

Whether or not “going green” is a driving factor for you, our reports share our projections on the environmental impact you’ll make and the reduction of your carbon footprint by going solar.

If you’re ready for a free consultation, let’s start with a “discovery” call to gather some basic information, including your utility bill, and answer a few simple questions. This will enable us to provide you with the best and most affordable solutions, should your home qualify. Sign up here.

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Design and Product Recommendations: Tailored Solutions

At Solar Nosh, we take pride in delivering custom solutions designed to optimize your energy production and meet your unique requirements. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology and precise information about your home to create efficient solar array layouts that maximize your energy needs. We consider multiple factors such as your geographical location, roof orientation, sunlight exposure, roof angle, available space, and energy consumption, we craft recommendations that ensure the most effective, affordable, and attractive design for your solar system.

By strategically placing solar panels on your roof (and sometimes ground mounting), our goal is to optimize sunlight absorption and maximize power generation throughout the day. Our meticulous approach ensures that every panel works synergistically to deliver the best possible results for your home and business.

As your trusted solar partner, we recommend the most suitable,  high-quality products to ensure optimal performance, reliability and durability. Our extensive network of trusted suppliers enables us to source the finest solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, energy storage solutions and smart panels. 

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Financing Solutions: Empowering Your Solar Investment

Solar Nosh is committed to making solar energy accessible and affordable for homeowners. With our advanced proposal tool, we provide comprehensive and personalized financing solutions from industry-leading lenders. By having this vital financial information at our fingertips, you can confidently explore the possibilities and advantages of solar. We’ll help identify a plan that aligns with your financial preferences and needs, while also maximizing your savings and ensuring a seamless transition to solar power. 

Whether you prefer zero-down financing, making a down payment, or paying for the system in full, we’ll present you with the financial information you need to make an informed decision. 

Take the first step toward a cost-effective and sustainable energy future by contacting Solar Nosh for a free consultation. Our expert team is ready to assist you in navigating this investment and helping you achieve your energy goals. 

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Roof and Ground Mounting

Solar Nosh offers versatile Roof and Ground Mounting Solutions to accommodate a wide range of installation scenarios. Whether your property has sufficient or limited roof space or you prefer a ground-based installation, we provide expert guidance to determine the optimal mounting solution for your solar panels. The end result will be a secure and efficient installation, enabling you to harness the power of solar energy, regardless of your property's solar panel placement and configuration.

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Battery Back-up, Storage, EV Chargers: Powering Your Energy Independence

Solar Nosh goes beyond solar panels to offer comprehensive solutions for homeowners seeking energy independence. We help you explore Battery Back-up options, enabling you to store excess solar energy, ensure uninterrupted power supply by protecting you from outages, and help future-proof your home against rising energy costs. Additionally, we provide top-quality Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers, allowing you to effortlessly fuel your electric vehicle at home. Our expertise lies in identifying the right products tailored to your energy needs while offering competitive rates, empowering you to embrace sustainable energy solutions with ease. 

Solar Battery Charging System
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Smart Energy/Smart Panel Provider 

We’re pleased to offer our customers circuit-level management, real-time monitoring, and actionable energy insights through the cutting-edge smart panel’s intuitive interface.

Homeowners with batteries are able to extend their battery duration on average by up to 40% during an outage so that they can get through longer and increasingly frequent outages, uninterrupted. Designed with hardware innovation and purpose-built with intelligent software, the smart panel and the smart drive electric vehicle chargers are an efficient and integrated solution for any home.

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