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Enhance your solar knowledge and empower your decision-making.

Welcome to Solar Nosh, an educational and service company dedicated to providing reliable and accessible information about solar and other clean, renewable energy products. Our approach is focused on being a trusted resource for information, insights, and tips. Navigating the complex landscape of solar energy may seem daunting, which is why we do our best to present information in small, “bite-sized,” digestible pieces! We are passionate about renewable energy and seek to empower homeowners and business owners to better understand the options, benefits, process, and financial considerations of going solar.

We welcome the opportunity to provide homeowners and businesses with a free, custom solar consultation to help them determine whether going solar is right for them. Although solar does not make sense for every home or business, we believe it is very worthwhile to consider. Understanding the benefits of solar energy and making an informed decision is key. Should you be interested in a consultation, please click here. Thank you for visiting Solar Nosh.

Renewable Energy ⎯ A Path to Energy Freedom

Solar Nosh is pleased to be taking a lead in driving the adoption of renewable energy for eligible homes and businesses. The use of clean, renewable energy is good for our environment and “going solar” allows homeowners to make a positive impact on the planet now and creates a better, more sustainable tomorrow for future generations. 

Beyond that, we absolutely love it when we’re able to help homeowners and business owners with the following:

Save money on their electric bills

Put them on the path to energy freedom by harnessing the power of the sun and gaining independence from the utility companies

Identify renewable energy tax credits and incentives that they didn’t know might be available to them*

Help them avoid inflation and rate hikes*

Free up money to invest in other things

Our Core Mission

Our core mission at Solar Nosh is to EMPOWER YOU with information you need about solar energy and the benefits and considerations of going solar in an effort to assist you with your  decision-making. Many solar energy businesses are focused on getting your signature on a contract and don't really care if you are making the best, informed decision. We care and

want you to feel confident with whatever decisions you make. 


We do things differently. We are here to educate and empower.




What would energy freedom look like for you?

What would you do with the extra money? 

Please note: Everyone’s roof, energy usage, and financial situation is unique. Our consultations do not replace the need to speak to your financial advisor or personal accountant for tax advice.

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Family on vacation walking on beach
Home with many black solar panels being installed on a roof

How Our Process Works


Browse our site to learn about the benefits of renewable energy and going solar.


Schedule a 100% FREE, no-obligation Discovery Call.


Securely share your electric bill with us to discover eligibility and potential savings. 


Receive your FREE Energy Savings Report and Solar Consultation.


We partner with you through every step of the process of going solar with a system that meets your energy needs and 


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